Make Big Promises, and Keep Them!

One of my favorite sayings, I grew up in an environment where giving your "word" was not something done lightly. Ethics and core values matter, test us and you will find a passion for honesty, integrity and service. We care about what happens to you and those who depend on you; and that is the very essence of what insurance is for.

Price - It always matters, and we work hard to get the best deal an underwriter has to offer. Our knowledge works for you, finding the best discounts to stay within your budget.

Product - At claim time, only Coverage matters. No one cares about the great deal they received, if there is not enough insurance to cover the loss. Our job is to help you create a strategy to balance Price with Product, giving you the right protection for the best rate.

People - In the end it comes down to the people you can trust. We hire the best - educated, experienced and licensed individuals who take your every need to heart.

Price, Product and People, our big promise to you.

James Hawkins
President, JHIA, Inc.