A Note from our President

In the most straight forward of terms, our job description is to help you to protect your assets.  We’ll do that by keeping you up to date on changes in the insurance industry, and by checking as wide a spectrum of options for your needs as possible.  Everyone on our staff is taught to balance the time you have available with providing good, useful information.

J.H. Insurance is a multi-line agency, which means we can provide you with almost every type of insurance.  Since no one can be a master of all things, decades long relationships have been cultivated with specialists that can offer the same kind of service for Health Insurance, Disability, Long Term Care and Financial Services; areas that have become so complex that only someone focusing full time can offer real expertise.  Additionally, our in-house attorney is available for reviewing contracts when necessary.

Business owners spend a tremendous amount on insurance protection, and it is only right that you get your fair return not only in an insurance contract, but in everyday service as well.  Our guiding directive is to earn your trust, by exceeding your expectations.

Insurance in its best sense is a strategy to minimize loss, and the best outcome is that you never need it.  Claims occur every day however, which means that setting up your specific plan in the best way possible is critical to protecting your business.  We can help.  Questions or concerns?  You are welcome to contact me directly at any time; my mobile phone & text number is 415-516-8282.  I am at your service.

James Hawkins